Floor Tech Limited

Independent Inspections
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Consultation Services
Certified and Industry Recognized Expert (IRE) for virtually every type of floor covering, both Residential and Commercial. Providing expert flooring advice prior to purchase, for maintenance issues, for legal help as an expert witness, for educational training, and more...
Moisture Testing
Specialized Carpet Repairs
Expert evaluation of moisture conditions prior to and after installations to determine proper product application and environmental concerns. Providing guaranteed carpet repairs, including sidematch adjustments, wet pile lifting, top shearing, steaming, and more.
Consumer Services Industry Services
Floor Tech, Ltd. / Greg Rietdorf, President
Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana 46835
Office: 260-486-9599 / E-mail: info@FloorTechLimited.com
Professional Flooring Services, Inspections, and Consultation across the Country for over 45 years.