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One or more of these causation categories will be involved in every problem. Knowing the truth, based on the facts, will allow the problem to be properly identified and resolved.

Causations involve:
1. Manufacturing
2. Installation
3. Environment
4. Application

  • Manufacturing involvement simply consists of construction deficiency, such as debris under a surface finish or color variances.
  • Installation involvement consists of deviations from industry or manufacturing guidelines, such as the use of the wrong adhesive.
  • Environmental involvement consists of any outside influence to the product, such as storage, freight, improper maintenance or adverse moisture conditions.
  • Application involvement consists of applying the floor covering improperly for its use, such as a low density carpet on stairs or wood flooring in a locker room.

Please note: Many times, consumer expectations exceed what the product can deliver. Most of the time, it’s based upon statements made by salespersons and marketing literature. Floor Tech Ltd. cannot address those issues if the facts cannot be verified. The legality issues involved with implied or expressed warrantee statements are not our areas of expertise. An attorney should be consulted if you feel any product or service has been misrepresented.

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