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This service has been developed to assure that compliance to specifications and guidelines are met. When a specific item is certified as appropriate, the document provides protection from liability in the event of a future problem manifestation.

The following is a short list of most common certificate types:

  1. APPROPRIATE SUBSTRATE: Involves strength, soundness, flatness, and levelness issues. Moisture, however, is the major issue addressed. The latest technology in testing is utilized to determine that the conditions of substrates are appropriate for the intended coverings.
  2. FLOOR COVERING MATERIAL: Involves analytical processes to gain answers of performance issues and ensures proper product application.
  3. ENVIRONMENT CONDITIONS: Involves the analysis of many site conditions like temperature, relative humidity, other trade work scheduling and more. With specific guidelines varying between flooring products, consistent monitoring becomes a necessity to certify the environmental conditions as being appropriate.
  4. INSTALLATION: Involves monitoring the installation process to document compliance to installation instructions and industry standards.
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