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Two certification training programs are currently offered. One involves tufted carpets and the other involves hard surfaces. Both programs are expanded into pertinent areas of information, such as cushions, adhesives, substrates, maintenance, and environmental conditions. The information is designed to form a basis of knowledge, not a “how to” instruction manual.

Knowledge is the key to avoiding and resolving problems. Being certified in one of our technology programs will not only result in the ability to display a Certificate, it will enhance the way you think, increase confidence, and probably most importantly, allow you to present facts to gain trust and respect.

It must be disclosed, however that a participant will not know everything at the conclusion of the training. As a matter of fact, one may realize how much they don’t know. The flooring industry involves more standards, guidelines and specifications than anyone realizes. However, the basics taught at these trainings will be beneficial to each participant. Should anyone feel this is not the case, their fee will gladly be refunded.

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