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DISPUTE FACILITATION: Floor Tech Ltd. can facilitate settlement of a flooring issue, but only by a binding contract. All involved parties must agree to the proceedings and agree by contract, that the decision is binding.

The proceedings involve collection of information submitted by all parties as well as information gathered independently by Floor Tech Ltd. Once considered and weighed, a binding decision is made regarding finding of fact, cause and liability, and resolution declarations. The costs for facilitation services are allocated in the decision and are based upon liability findings.

Another benefit with this service is the flexibility. Unlike Court proceedings, everyone's schedule can be taken into consideration to meet each need. Also, the location is flexible for the convenience of everyone involved.

This process is an inexpensive alternative to legal proceedings, and is beneficial to all parties to submit information that is not subject to legal qualifications. This process is not a legal proceeding, but the findings are legally binding due to the legal contract entered into by the parties.

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