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It’s no secret that proper maintenance of a floor covering enables the product’s appearance and performance to retain their optimum levels. However, proper maintenance is also a requirement for warrantee coverage by the manufacturer.

Consumers regularly rely on a cleaning professional for their guidance. Some consumers take the time to find the “general” guidelines from the manufacturer’s website. One should, however, consider these sources and realize that a bias may be involved. The professional cleaner makes their living by servicing floor covering. The manufacturer relies upon floor covering sales for their livelihood.

Floor Tech Ltd. can provide a precise maintenance plan for specific floor coverings with specific usage and environmental concerns. Maintenance requirements can vary greatly between two environmental influences upon the same material. As a consultant, we have the end user’s best interest in mind, and develop a precise plan of care to achieve optimum levels of appearance and performance of the flooring in the usage environment that it’s subjected to.

The maintenance plan includes information provided by the material manufacturer, the flooring industry, the cleaning industry and various associations. The developed plan is guaranteed to be accurate. However, the following statement is published:
Floor Tech Ltd. in no way, written, expressed, or implied, recommends any maintenance contractor. Any information provided is not to be considered a recommendation for such. Floor Tech Ltd, not being in control of any service provider, does not in any way assume liability for the workmanship of anyone involved with the implementation or execution of any maintenance plan.
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