Floor Tech Limited

• Maintenance Planning

• Corrective Plan Development

• Expert Witness

• Dispute Facilitation

• Pre-Purchase

Our consulting specialties are designed to be a value to those we consult with. Simply sharing information is not enough for someone to pay for. We provide information of course, but we identify the intended goal and direct our clients to that end.

Whether we are consulted for appropriate specifications of commercial flooring applications, for maintenance planning, for legal proceedings, or any of our other consultation services, the goal will be identified and met through options for the client’s decision making process.

All consultations involve a no-cost inquiry in order for our clients to be able to decide whether a consultation service would be beneficial. As a consultant, we partner with the client to achieve their goals using our expertise and knowledge. Our clients can rest assured that their expenses are well spent and the benefits are indeed worth the time and costs involved.

Besides the consultation services listed, job specific consultations are also available. This may include product verification, jobsite requirements and testing, or installation oversight and evaluation. When an expert is required, you can trust the work we perform.

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