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When legal action cannot be avoided, expert testimony of facts, industry standards, and expert opinion is routinely the most influential aspect to a Judge or Jury. Expert testimony is never an easy task, even when the facts are crystal clear. Proper presentation of testimony must be based upon facts in the matter.

When we perform an inspection, we realize the matter may end up in Court. Realizing this, any conclusions drawn are based on factual evidence. This practice not only allows confident, truthful testimony in a legal proceeding, it also keeps Floor Tech Ltd from being involved on the “wrong” side of a legal issue. If we agree to be an expert witness in a legal proceeding, it is assured that the party for which we testify is the party we believe is in the right. The only exception to this is when a Judge requests testimony, in which an unbiased testimony is needed regarding information on industry standards.

Remember, we don’t give legal advice. Should your issue develop into a legal matter, please contact an attorney for legal direction and strategy. You or your attorney can feel free to make contact for a free initial conference to determine if we can assist in the matter.

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