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All too often I hear a consumer say “I wish I talked to you BEFORE I bought my floor.” Unfortunately, it’s a bit late since I’m there performing an inspection of their complaint.

A large percentage of inspected complaints is a direct result of inaccurate expectations of a flooring product and not manufacturing defects. A consultation with an unbiased expert provides the consumer with information that will enable an informed selection of material.

Courts often find that a consumer has a degree of responsibility to inform themselves about the product they purchase. Solely relying upon a salesperson does not fulfill that obligation. The product labels on samples are a biased representation, as is information provided by a salesperson that relies upon the sales of the product for their livelihood.

We offer our pre-purchase consultation to educate the consumer. We can have laboratory testing performed, compare product specifications for specific applications, or simply inform about normal characteristics, maintenance requirements, or warrantee understanding. Making the right choice for the application of use is the best defense against problems in the future.

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