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The most important post-installation issue is proper maintenance. The wide range of flooring materials and various maintenance procedures can be very confusing. In order for the flooring to perform and appear at optimum levels, it must be maintained properly.

The manufacturer has general guidelines. Maintenance firms have varying procedures to address these guidelines. Without specifics, many floor coverings are improperly maintained with performance and appearance being lost. With a specific plan, the flooring can achieve and maintain its appearance and performance at optimum levels. Maintenance can differ greatly between locations with the same material but different environmental conditions. For this reason, each maintenance plan is developed specifically for each location.

The maintenance plan includes information provided by the material manufacturer, the flooring industry, the cleaning industry and various associations. The developed plan is guaranteed to be accurate. However, the following statement is published:
Floor Tech Ltd. in no way, written, expressed, or implied, recommends any maintenance contractor. Any information provided is not to be considered a recommendation for such. Floor Tech Ltd, not being in control of any service provider, does not in any way assume liability for the workmanship of anyone involved with the implementation or execution of any maintenance plan.
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